Bliss in Bangkok

"One could live on just about nothing and therefore one had to stop using making a living as an excuse for doing things one did not believe in." - Charles Eames  


So I could sit here and write about everything I did, where we went, the things we saw, smelt and felt. But I don't think that'd be much fun to read or write for either of us. So I'm going to go a little bit into what we did, but more importantly I'm going to write about the things we experience and the things I've learnt/thought about.

We've spent the last two days exploring the city of Bangkok, in short, it's a full overwhelming of all the senses, reminding me of India. From the Tuk Tuk drivers, to the abundance of food stands, to the bright and vibrant colors of clothing. The city itself is massive, it's incredibly wide and a mix of gorgeous new upscale skyscrapers and older more run down apartment buildings.



Bliss is walking down a bustling street in Bangkok, with nowhere as your destination and no time you need to get there by. Pure and utter freedom. You stop in whatever food stall calls to you, whatever coffee shop looks interesting, and when you want to move on you just hop in a tuktuk, it feels weightless. It's just been two days, but I've adored this feeling, especially when you're with like minded people who completely embrace it. 

I cant wait to spend three months chasing it.