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Hello, thanks for stopping by! I’m Maroun, during the week I’m either designing experiences, weightlifting, reading, writing or grabbing drinks with friends. On weekends you’ll find me out in the mountains or on adventures, it’s my way of keeping a little dose of spontaneity and danger in my life.

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When it comes to work, I believe that building great experiences begins with empathy. Empathy for the problems that your customers face and empathy for the frustration that your customers feel. From empathy comes true understanding of the problem you’re solving. When you truly understand a problem the shape that your solution needs to take starts to reveal itself. Whether I’m being brought in as a part-time consultant or working on a team I pride myself on my ability to empathize with customers and using that as a starting point to influence the rest of the work I do, regardless of what phase of the product process we’re on. 

I also believe that like any art form the things we create have a piece of ourselves attached to them. To me, being a designer is not just what I do when sitting in front of a computer, it’s the books that I read, the way that I think about the world, the places I travel to and the diversity of people I talk to. 

I was born in Paris where I spent the first half of my life. I then moved to NY for high school and most recently spent the last five years studying at Northeastern in Boston. My family is Lebanese and lives in Beirut where I was lucky to spend most of my summers growing up. This also instilled in me a passion for traveling and experiencing different cultures, languages and people. 

Long term travel is my muse. I've spent four months backpacking across Southeast Asia, freediving in Thailand, hiking in the jungles of Borneo and six weeks of driving a motorcycle from the south of Vietnam all the way to the northern mountainous border with China. Most recently, I spent two months hiking in the Himalayas of Nepal & Tibet.

I drive a 1973 Honda CB 450 motorcycle, she's old and cranky but fits a tent, a backpack and a passenger enabling all of my weekend escapades. Most recently I’ve also been fascinated with photography and have used my Instagram account as a way to practice the things I’m learning, and as call to adventure.